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Healing, Wellness & Stress Management

Dana Group believes there is a growing need for teaching Stress Management strategies to teens. Adolescents don't always know the best coping skills to utilize under stressful conditions. Today, more than at any other time, children are inundated with pressures that they feel are insurmountable. These pressures can lead to behaviors that often make matters worse. In response to these needs, participants will learn skills and strategies to help manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviors when faced with stress, anxiety, and/or difficult situations in their lives. These life stressors may include, but are not limited to school, friends, family and relationships in general. Through group work, teens will develop a better understanding of what it means to be 'mindful' and how to benefit from applying mindfulness skills and strategies to their daily lives; to be effective in school, home and outside the group.

Stress- Reduction Group

A 4 week Stress Reduction group for school-aged children is currently being offered at Dana Group Associates.  Children will be exposed to formal and informal mindfulness practices, including mindful eating, meditation exercises, and body scan practice.  Mindfulness has been found to help children with attention control, the reduction of emotional re-activity  and to increase self- compassion in children.  This group will be running Wednesdays from 6 – 7 pm. 

women's issues/ psychotherapy group

This group for women offers a safe and healing environment to explore one's truth, support personal growth and resolve of long lasting issues.  Frequent concerns include conflicts around career and family, feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, healing from loss and trauma, striving for perfection and approval, feelings of isolation and dependency.

Substance abuse treatment

Jodi Schwebel an addiction specialist offers an individual treatment program that follows a relapse prevention model with a goal of sobriety.  CBT and relaxation strategies are utilized to manage other related issues of substance abuse especially depression, anxiety and trauma. Coordination and facilitation of adjunct services including detox, AA, NA, day treatment and residential programs are also available.